Living with Ed

Okay, I usually don't blog more than once a week, but I had to come and do one about LIVING WITH ED, the new HGTV show about Ed Begley and his wife. This show is hysterical! If you haven't seen it, track it down. It's too much fun!

Not only is it pretty fun to see Ed and his environmental stuff (and he has a LOT of it), but the relationship give and take with his wife is hysterical. They are so different.

I went downstairs after it was over and told the hubby I saw us on television. He gives me that wary look that men give their wives when they aren't sure they are walking into a trap. So I told him about the show.

He says, "I'm not an environmental extremist."

No, he's not. He's a geologist. And a photographer. We have enough rock "samples" to build about three fireplaces and, at last count, he had something in the neighborhood of 100,000 photos. Our move to Houston was in the neighborhood of three hernias for the guys who had to haul the boxes of rocks on and off the trucks.

What also makes it nice, is that they clearly love each other, even if he does time her while she's in the shower.

Great relationship study for writers and just good fun for non-writers.

Perilously yours,

Still no tree....

...but I live in hope. Hubby has been playing catch-up at work, after being sick. And I'm still writing, though I'm also wrapping. It's become a race. Will kids get home before tree goes up? My money is on the kids, but hubby says the tree will win. I don't know, the kids can actually move themselves, having LEGS.

I'd call hubby up and hassle him about it, but I washed his cellphone (blond moment, told my hairdresser maybe the highlights were a bad idea). He doesn't seem to be in a big hurry to replace it either.

So, still writing. I'm finding outer space very fun, actually, though the science part of it still kind of kicks my tush. I was never good at science. If any of my teachers were still alive to find out I'm writing sci-fi...they'd keel over dead. So it's probably a good thing they are already gone. Ignorance probably really is bliss for them.

My friend was teasing me about buying an empty nester house, then having everyone come home. Turns out our kids really like us--when they don't have to live with us.

So looking forward to having everyone home and under one roof, even if its only for a moment. Planning on racking up the hug time for the coming drought. :-)

Happy holidays to one and all!
Perilously yours,

Okay, so I've been writing...

...and I came up for air and realized I had done NO shopping for Christmas, sears credit card so I had yet another panic attack and then I made a list. Then I checked it twice. That took a while. It was a LONG list.

So, instead of blogging and promoting, and even doing a lot of thinking, I've been working my way through the list. It's amazing what you can get done from your computer (and thank goodness for it!). I'd be so messed over if I had to go shopping in an actual store this late in the game!

Jonesie (the hubby) got really sick after Thanksgiving, so we don't have our tree up yet and we have to get that bad boy up. ALL the kids are coming home for the holidays! Whoohoo! I've order the turducken so our house will smell like Louisiana and I've been listening to Aaron Neville's LOUISIANA CHRISTMAS to get myself in the zone.

And to bump up the Christmas spirit, I bought some new Christmas music for my iPod. Really like Sarah McLachlan's WINTERSONG. Also picked up Bette Midler's COOL YULE and Diana Krall's CHRISTMAS SONGS. Que fun. :-)

Now I just have to multimaster tool wait for the UPS man to throw boxes over my fence and wrap those puppies. Oh yeah, and get the tree out of the attic...

Here is hoping your holiday season is all you hope it will be!
Perilously yours,

Heart Attack City!

I quite often lose track of time, but I try not to do it around the holidays, since I do need to, like, shop and cook and stuff. But I also don't always get to choose when to loose track of time and so I did it.

I thought I had a another week to dither about Thanksgiving, but as the rest of the world knows, it is NEXT WEEK.

I'm so not ready.

I've been writing, which is why I lost track of the outside world. If you've been following my adventures in writing, then you'll know I've been trying to relocate a character to a new story and so far its working...slowly, but it is working.

Naturally she's changing some, because it is a new story, with new locations and problems. It's scary to the eyeballs, because it is a science fiction story. I bought this book on world building and he wanted me to do MATH.

Something about gravity and mass?

So now we know I won't be writing "hard" science fiction. Because I don't do math unless forced to it by budgetary concerns.

I've been listening to tunes with my new iPod, which is actually a good thing. I've found that if I have certain music associated with a book, its easier to dive into the muse zone when I sit down and crank it up.

The other heart attack of the week: my daughter's cat woke me at freaking five thirty. She was preparing to gack a hairball into my face. Can you spell flying cat?

I think she tried to apologize, but I was hiding under the covers.
Perilously yours,

Falling for Cute...

I have a terrible weakness for cute electronics and this week I fell again...for in Ipod Shuffle. Cute wasn't the only factor, it was also the right price and it came on the heels of my old mp3 player dying on me.

It's the cutest thing and barely bigger than a postage stamp. Also, the sound is incredible! And it holds a gig's worth of audio.

Okay, if you've been following my adventures, then you know I have a Palm Treo that is also an mp3 player. And yes, it is convenient and sassy, but it's not as...well, portable as this cute little thing. It's a phone and a PDA and totally cool. I'm not betraying it, just adding to it. Really.

When I confessed to Jonesy, he just looked at me and said, "You fell for cute again, didn't you?" The guy does know me. Wow.

He's resigned to the new "cute" in my life, though, because I love to listen to tunes while I clean. No tunes, no clean. I did more yesterday than in the last two weeks since my player died. Of course, movement would be more than that.

I've been writing like crazy and loving it, but also worrying about the impending holidays. I've done NO Christmas shopping at ALL. None. Thanksgiving won't be too hard, since there are only four of us in the area to feast, but it will involve cleaning (which brings me back to utter necessity for Ipod). Do any of you have trouble focusing on the outside world when you're writing?

I was so channeling my character last week. She's in the military and I was thinking about her and what she'd be doing and thinking as she walked. I went out to get my mail and there were some guys repairing the roof across the street. I kid you not, they whistled at me.

Keep in mind they were far enough away to not see how freaking old I really am, but it made me laugh, because I knew who they were really whistling for.

Life is always interesting, isn't it?

As myself, I'm hoping to see STRANGER THAN FICTION. Was going to sneak out today and see it, but hubby needed the car with a/c. That's right, we're back up in the EIGHTIES AGAIN. Looking forward to MEN IN TREES tonight and got a kick out of UGLY BETTY last night. Not doing a lot of reading, because I'm writing, but I'm THRILLED with how well OUT OF TIME seems to be doing.

My thanks to all of you who have bought the book or recommended it to a friend!

Perilously (and tune-ishly) yours,

Sweet November

While I feel like October was a marathon in many ways, I still arrive in November surprised it is here already. Where has 2006 gone? I've very glad that this year didn't end without me having a book released and its been a great year for me personally, but dang! Time sure moves fast!

If you're keeping track at all, you'll have noticed I didn't blog on Friday, like I try to usually do (but don't always manage). That's because I was in New York visiting one of my daughters (the one who designed my cool personal logo). She and her husband live and work in that amazing city.

This was my first visit and I was a bit overwhelmed by how tall it is, how busy it is, and how fast it moves. I could see why they (and others) love it and love living there, though. It is...remarkable and unique.

I was particularly touched by my visit to Ground Zero and to St. Paul's Church, where rescue workers found rest and food. It is truly sacred ground and I felt humbled to be there. I was very struck by how empty the skyline is around there at Ground Zero. It is so crowded everywhere else.

I also had a chance to see THE QUEEN, which is in very limited release. It is about Princess Diana's death. It brought back a lot of memories and it was very interesting to peek behind the scenes and see people's reactions. I'd forgotten that Tony Blair had only been recently elected when it all happened.

I had a chance to read Pepper Smith's BLOOD MONEY on the plane and very much enjoyed it. If you like suspense, be sure to check out her book. :-)

While I was sight seeing in New York, my son was having an interesting adventure at an ROTC training exercise. You can read a bit about it here:

...but it only tells part of the story. He is very impressed by our people in uniform and feels lucky to associate with them. Had to share a pic of him in his uniform.

Don't forget Veteran's Day coming up! We have much to be grateful for this November!
Perilously yours,


It's been an interesting week here in Houston. Last Friday, we had our last Sisters in Crime event at Murder By The Book. Check out the pictures from the event at We had a great time and some really good cake! <br><br>I know you probably all think I'm obsessed with the weather (which I probably am!), but dang, we had some storm on Monday! You probably saw us getting our trash kicked on the national news! Even after 25 years down here, I still can't get over all the RAIN. (I grew up in Wyoming, which doles the moisture out a drop at a time.) Dang! The worst part of it all was, the cold front didn't move in! It was ninety degrees the next day. You can imagine what our humidity was like after 5-11 inches of rain! (Well, unless you live somewhere DRY.)<br><br>BUT, I'm doing a happy dance today because (after yet more rain) the cold front is finally moving in. May not seem like a very cold front to any of you recording freezing temps, but this one is dropping our temps about thirty degrees so it FEELS cold. (grin)<br><br>I'm just happy to have my window OPEN! (Okay, I know that's kind of sad, but it's been hot for a LONG time.)<br><br>I've been writing, but its not anything I can use. Okay, I confess, I've been writing fan fiction. Never thought I'd do this, but I finally understand maybe ONE reason people do it. I got this idea for Stargate Atlantis into my head and the only way to get rid of it, was write it down. It's weird, but actually very easy, since a lot of the character creation is already done. <br><br>Of course, I broke all the "fan fiction rules" of engagement. I created my own character to interact within the world and made her the star. I'm hoping that I can mine the stuff for characters and ideas, but it's going to be tough, since sci-fi isn't my field! Definitely a walk on the weird side for me, but kind of fun, too! A pity no one will ever read it. Sigh. (grin)<br><br>In other news, was VERY disappointed in PROJECT RUNWAY. I can't believe Jeffrey won. Loving UGLY BETTY. (Isn't it interesting how every week, Betty gets more beautiful and all the supposedly beautiful people she works with seem more ugly?) And still loving MEN IN TREES. :-)<br><br>Perilously yours,<br>Pauline

Happy New Year!

I see my last post was about getting my tree up. This could be about getting it down, but I won't go there! Suffice it to say, I did get it up and we had a wonderful Christmas with all the kids and their spouses/fiances here.

Now I just need to get my Christmas cards out....

You might be interested to know (probably not, but what the heck) that I left the house. Yes, the hermit emerged from the house to be with her children. We went to Kemah, which is a fun little place south of Houston. It's famous for its bay side boardwalk. The hubby took this picture of me with a vintage police car.

What I'm looking forward to in the new year:

**The latest MONK book! It arrived at my doorstep on the 4th and I can't wait to dive in! Just waiting for the nest to empty again...

**New episodes of MONK!

**Getting this new book out of my head and onto paper!

**MEN IN TREES new episodes!

**NORA JONES new CD release!

**STARGATE/ATLANTIS new episodes! (Can't believe we have to wait until APRIL, though happy to see they are going to explore that big, old ocean around the city, finally. Can't believe how little they've used it in their stories.)

On a more personal note, hubby and I will also be traveling to New York in the spring to see our daughter and the other daughter is getting married in the fall. And in February, my dad is turning 80. Hoping to get up home to watch him blow out some candles. Going to be a wonderful, exciting year in many ways!

As always, hoping your year will be be wonderful AND full of great books!
Perilously yours,